15 Sweet, Simple, Saving Gift Ideas to Express Your Love for Mom on Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day! Maybe you forgot, or maybe you’ve waited until the last minute; but you really do very much love your mom! Now you’re stressed out thinking about how to bless her. I’ll let you in on a little secret… Most mothers just want time with you! A little appreciation for your mother will go a long way towards letting her know that you love her and she’s important to you.

Here are 15 sweet and simple quality gift ideas, which are free, or nearly free. As a bonus, you can easily put them together last minute, and the sentiment will count just as much!

1. A hand-picked bouquet of wildflowers:

Pick some wildflowers at a park or by the side of road. Wrap them with twine or put them in a mason jar wrapped with a matching ribbon. In a world of credit cards and online orders, taking the time to do it yourself means a lot.

2. A delicious coffee drink:

Invite Mom over, brew her favorite coffee, and drop in a spoonful of ice cream: instant foam! Or; take her to her favorite coffee shop, and enjoy an hour of conversation. The coffee is delightful, but moms are more delighted with you!

3. A framed picture of the two of you:

Any favorite photo, past or present, when placed in a frame shows special significance. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. Just knowing that you treasure the picture with your mom, will cause her to treasure it even more.

4. A hobby magazine and accessory:

If your mom likes DIY projects, pick up a home or crafts magazine. Loosely roll it, and tie it with a pretty ribbon. Tuck in one small accessory, such as a crochet hook or a paintbrush. Your mom will smile, knowing that you care about what’s important to her.

5. A stuffed animal:

What? Yes. My favorite Christmas present was when my daughter was seven, and all on her own she chose to give me a stuffed cocker spaniel puppy which looked just like my beloved pet I had for fifteen years. I cried tears of joy! Later, my daughter took a photo of me cuddling with it when I was asleep after a hard day. The joy of feeling like a kid again lets Mom know you see her as a unique individual with her own past, in addition to being your mom.

6. A Home Massage, or manicure/pedicure:

Give your mom a fifteen minute shoulder or back rub (or foot rub if you dare!). She’s tired and sore. It feels great when her loved ones sacrifice their time to give a gift she wish she could receive every day. Mom can sit back, relax, and just feel loved. Or, consider painting her nails for her as she relaxes with tea and a book.

7. A Handmade Card with a coupon:

Handmade cards are better than Hallmark, because they are created by you, not someone else. Add a tiny pocket, and tuck in a coupon for something she’s craving: three undisturbed hours by herself, babysitting while she goes shopping, or tending her garden. She will love it!

8. Make her a meal:

Moms do a lot of cooking. Bring her some coffee, and invite her to sit down to a homemade breakfast. Some moms like breakfast in bed, and some don’t. Find out which she prefers. Serve something simple, like eggs and bacon with yogurt and fruit. Or, make her spaghetti with a Caesar salad. If you’re already going out for Mother’s Day, make her favorite dessert. Your mom feels loved when you’ve taken time to plan and prepare something special.

9. Create a poem, piece or art, or a song that is just for her:

Use your talents to come up with something original. You are a part of your mom, and she’s proud of you. When you use your talents and time to bless her, she will treasure it. You don’t have to be exceptionally gifted in these areas. You can doodle a funny cartoon or write a poem which doesn’t even rhyme; thanking mom for all she does for you. Or, you can create a beautiful drawing or serious poem from the heart. Just make sure to add, “I love you!”

10. Phone call:

Whether your mom is long-distance or nearby, she’ll appreciate knowing you want to connect with her. In these busy times of texting and emails, a phone call tells your mom she is important. It allows the two of you to hear warmth in each other’s voices, ask questions, and share laughter. If your mom has Face Time, she will love seeing your face as well!

11. Do one of her chores:

If your mom usually does all the laundry or weeding, Plant some flowers she hasn’t yet been able to get in the ground, or change the sheets on all the beds in the house. Moms are overworked with their minds going in ten different directions. Taking some of the burden off of your mom, allows her to have a well-deserved, much needed break. She needs this more than you know.

12. Enjoy nature together:

Go for a long walk or a hike. Walk and talk while picking flowers. Have a picnic under a shady tree. Sit on the sunny porch while drinking lemonade. Talk about your dreams, read books, and watch the birds and butterflies. Nature is a beautiful gift from God!

13. Spend the day together:

What your mom wants more than anything, is to spend quality time with you. If you have the opportunity, spend Mother’s Day with her. Go to church with her, and then out to lunch. If you’re not able to do this, find another day you can spend with her. Take a trip to the zoo, museum, or aquarium. Do crafts, cook, or go for a swim. Choose an activity you can both enjoy together.

14. Forgiveness:

Choose to forgive your mom for small slights. Let her know you’ve forgiven her with a card or phone call. For bigger rifts, let your mom know you are forgiving her; and choose a time and place to reconcile. In times of healing or unsafe situations, you may not be able to reach out to your mom and reconcile. It’s okay. You can still forgive your mother in the name of Jesus, and let him heal your heart. Give your mother to God, and ask for His will to be done. Ask Him to fill you with His Holy Spirit, and continue to pray for God to change your mother’s heart.

15. The Gift of Salvation:

If your mom doesn’t know Jesus, introduce her to the greatest man who ever walked the earth. You will be offering her a priceless gift, eternal life in Heaven. If she has already received Jesus, take the time to talk about how God is moving in both of your lives. Offer to pray for her specific needs; whether you pray for her right there, or privately during your prayer time. There is no gift which can compare with the sacrifice Jesus made for each and every one of us; including your mom!

Motherhood is so important to God! After all, He chose Mary to be the mother of His One and Only Son, Jesus Christ! If you are missing, grieving, or separated from your mother for any reason; know that God cares. The silver lining is that God can nurture, comfort, help, heal, and love you in more ways than any earthly mother ever possibly could.

As one whom his mother comforts, so I will comfort you; you shall be comforted in Jerusalem” (Isa. 66:13 New English Translation).

A good mom is an imperfect but godly mother; one who gives, sacrifices, fights for her family, loves you unconditionally, and prays to God to help her become more like Jesus. She not only struggles with her own pain and suffering, but also struggles when her children suffer, taking on the burden as if it’s her own. This is because she loves you. So whatever you choose to do, most of all let your mom you love her… because she loved you first!

“We love because he first loved us” (1 Jn. 4:19 NIV).

Hi, I’m Angela Royse Pelleman. I’m a Christian author, blogger, poet, artist, and teacher, but best of all, I am a mother! I’m so thankful that God chose me to be a mother to two twin boys and a little girl. Join me at The Silver Lining for the many trials and many joys of motherhood, and life itself. For more encouragement, I invite you to The Silver Lining Ministry Facebook page. For inspiration, you can also find me on Instagram. With Jesus the center of any family, there is hope, peace, and joy! Happy Mother’s Day!


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One thought on “15 Sweet, Simple, Saving Gift Ideas to Express Your Love for Mom on Mother’s Day

  1. ritafkurian says:

    Awesome Angela, you covered it in such a beautiful way..I think all these little acts will glow through..and even if there was unforgiveness, it would mend a lot on this day and days like this..It helps us to focus more…on motherhood..and also appreciating our mothers more..


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