Forgiving from Afar

Did you know that forgiving someone does not mean that person must be in your life?
God wants to heal our broken hearts.  People need be surrounded by love to heal.  
You cannot heal while remaining in an abusive relationship.  But Jesus can help us forgive people, even when they are far away.  We can trust God to work in the hearts of the people who have hurt us. 

The bible gives accounts of situations such as these.  Joseph was beaten and sold into slavery by his own brothers. Years later, Joseph had an opportunity to destroy them, but instead, forgave them, and brought them into his own kingdom.  Only God’s love can heal people from that kind of pain.  Through Him, there can be full and complete forgiveness.  Relationships can even be restored by God’s grace and mercy.  That’s because nothing is impossible for God.

If you’re hurting, ask God to lead to you to safe, loving people you can trust.  He will.  Pray for the people who have hurt you.  God will listen.  Give your pain to Jesus.  He can take it, and God can heal your broken heart!

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