Jealousy? God Gave the Biggest and Best Christmas Gift to Us ALL!

Do you sometimes have trouble being happy for someone else’s joyful experience? Or, do you know someone who is having trouble being happy for you? It doesn’t feel good! That’s because the flesh is taking over, allowing jealousy to harass us. But we can take our stormy cloud of jealousy to God. We can confess it, and ask God to forgive us.

We can feel jealous when good things happen to people.  We might wonder what people to did to deserve those things. But we are all sinners. None of us deserve the greatest gift that God so lovingly sent to earth at Christmas.  Yet, he gave the gift to the whole world, to share with us all. He sent us a beautiful baby named Jesus. Anyone who unwraps and accepts His gift, will receive forgiveness of all sins, and live eternally in Heaven.


We may struggle with jealousy.  But God’s power is greater than any evil trying to destroyus, along with our relationships. God can change our attitudes and hearts. God can remove jealousy, and create a pure heart within us. It helps to know that He provides for each person, according to that person’s needs in life at that time. It may not be what we think we need, but rather what God knows we need.

Jealousy? God Gave the Biggest and Best Christmas Gift to Us ALL!

God gives us each different blessings and gifts. He doesn’t give us all the exact same things. He doesn’t worry about being fair, and He isn’t concerned about spending the exact same amount of money for each of His children’s gifts under the Christmas tree. There are many things God needs to fix and heal in each of His children, and He creatively teaches us by what He gives and allows in our lives. If we give up our black clouds of jealousy, judging, and self-righteousness to God, we will begin to see the silver lining.  When our brothers and sisters in Christ receive good gifts, we need to rejoice with them, and God will bless us beyond our expectations!


But there is even brighter and sunnier good news! Because of God’s great mercy and grace, everyone’s name is written on the gift tag attached to the biggest, and best, Christmas present. God sent His own son, a baby named Jesus, to save us all from our sins.  All we have to do is accept the gift, and unwrap it.  When we do, we will never lose it, because it remains in our hearts.  God did not allow this heartbreaking sacrifice, just so His children wouldn’t be jealous of one another.  He sent His son, because of His great love for us.  He gave the gift, because He didn’t want anyone to be left behind.  He wants us to live with Him eternally!

Jealousy? God Gave the Biggest and Best Christmas Gift to Us ALL!

“Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep.”
~Romans 12:15  (English Standard Version)

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”
~John 3:16 (New International Version)

2 thoughts on “Jealousy? God Gave the Biggest and Best Christmas Gift to Us ALL!

  1. Edith says:

    The things you said here reminded me of the saying, “God has a blessing with your name on it.” He’s big and rich enough to meet the needs of each and everyone for me, these needs often being unique, as you pointed out. No need coveting what He gives another then, it probably won’t be a good fit for us. Thanks for sharing. 💖


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