Chain Posts

There is a saying going around that says to repost it, if you love Jesus.  I had started to attach it, to make my message clear, but decided that would still be sharing it, which I didn’t want to do.  It says it’s a test.  But it’s not a test from God.  It’s not required to repost things on social media to prove we love Jesus! The chain post says that God will deny you, if you deny Him. That is true.  BUT, it’s important to point out that God is not going to deny us if we choose not to pass along a post written by another person.  Posts like these use guilt and fear to try and get people to take action (just like regular chain letters do, claiming you will have bad luck if you don’t). God doesn’t do that. He gently convicts us with the Holy Spirit. The post I saw, says if you love Jesus, and if you’re not afraid, you will pass this on. That’s implying that we don’t love Jesus if we don’t act, and that we are cowards, if we don’t.  A chain letter is a chain letter, even if it uses scripture quoted from the bible. I don’t like seeing Christians deceived into thinking they must share a post in order to “prove” they love Jesus. I didn’t pass it on, and I definitely love Jesus! I’ll be writing more about chain letters in a future blog and article for The Silver Lining. 

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