4/9/23 Dave’s Testimony: Your Broken Body is Beautiful to Me (Easter Poem)

Broken, scarred, and bruised and thin;

A broken man who admits sin,

But you are beautiful to me,

A man whose heart has Jesus.

All of us are broken bodies,

All of us are scarred some way,

Even perfect holy Jesus,

When he died for us that day.

We all have something ugly,

So the cancer cannot win;

If we just admit we’re sinners,

And that Christ was born again.

There is victory over cancer.

There is victory over loss.

There is victory, because Jesus

Died for us upon the cross.

The war that you have battled,

While still fighting, you have won.

For you now are resurrected,

Just like Christ, God’s only Son.

We are souls within our tents.

We are souls to be set free.

Will they give their hearts to Jesus,

And be saved like you and me?

Will they see the cancer didn’t win,

Or will they laugh and tease us?

Can they see it’s still a miracle,

Because you live through through Jesus?

Will they say, “It’s not for me,”

If they get sick, and now face death?

Will they still deny their Maker

To their last and dying breath?

Because, Love, it’s not for nothing,

What you carried, every day;

All the endless pain and suffering,

You still saying, “Come what may!”

Can we be God’s great example,

Since the victory has been won?

Can they see we want salvation for each father and his son?

And each mother and her daughter,

And the lost around the world?

Can they see we’re bringing Jesus

When our lives have come unfurled?

For your journey, Love, was not in vain,

We weren’t just being phony;

Cancer kills, but you’re in Heaven;

It’s Dave’s sweetest testimony!

Dave Pelleman, playing electric guitar on an Easter Sunday.


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“Goldie” Dave’s favorite guitar

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