4/7/23 Dave’s Testimony: Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Poem)

Somewhere, under the rainbow,

When I die,

You’ll bring me over the rainbow,

Where I can finally fly!

I pray, but not wish, on a star,

That you will take me where you are;

And find… me… waiting.

Where joy is is full,

And evils stops;

I’ll find myself above cloud tops,

And I’ll… be… shining!

The red is for the blood you shed,

The orange is for the cautions said,

So I could keep within my head,

And heart… your… pure words.

And yellow, since

You are The Son,

The highest priest of everyone;

And you… forgive… me!

The green is for the tree cut down,

To make a cross which

Makes me frown,

You had… to… die for me.

The blue, the sky

That made God cry,

To see His Son be crucified

For all… the… world’s sins.

The indigo, the darkest night,

At such injustice,

Such a fright,

Yet, God… was… not done.

The purple is your majesty,

Your regal robes of honesty,

And raised to life so I could be,

Alive with you eternally,

Because… you… love me!

I’m all the colors I admire,

Resembling air, earth, water, fire;

The rainbow’s what I most admire,

Because… You… promised me.

I love you, Lord, because I know,

That Home is where God’s children go,

When we come up from down below,

To Heaven …. somewhere over the rainbow.

Somewhere, over the rainbow,

Way up high,

Sinners ask for forgiveness,

Why… oh… why can’t I?

I’ll invite Jesus in my heart;

That’s what it takes,

So I can start

To live… my…. life with you.

The colors in the sky are there;

They show me that you really care,

So let me fly into your sky,

I’ll never have to ask you why,

Oh why… oh why… can’t I?

Dave Pelleman, now lives eternally; over the rainbow, in Heaven, with Jesus Christ!


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2 thoughts on “4/7/23 Dave’s Testimony: Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Poem)

  1. Nicole says:

    I love it!!! I love the song too and the movie. You should write another poetry book. Maybe this time use one like this one. Love you


  2. Lorri VanDerLinden says:

    Love the poetry that the Spirit I spires in you! And I love that He gave you strength to share this with us at the funeral. It was a beautiful day — Dave and his faith were honored well!


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