Dave’s Testimony 2022: Our Entire Year of Terminal Cancer, Strength Through Jesus, and Trusting in God’s Healing Miracles… A Mini Book

It’s a new day, a new year! So many of us have had hopes and dreams for the new year; only to have them crushed by tragedy and trauma of the unexpected. This is what happened to our family…

In January 2022, after a clear colonoscopy scan in December, my husband Dave began to get very sick with severe stomach pain and fatigue. After six, yes six visits to the ER within a couple months; I demanded he be admitted. In March, the hospital became his home for almost a month. Looking back, three oncologists agreed that the second cancer scan from February should have been flagged way back on the second visit to the ER. They could see something that should have been further examined. The ER had missed it.

Instead, by the sixth scan, my husband’s abdominal cavity was filled; littered with multiple tumors… adenocarcinoma which started in the appendix: rare, aggressive, fast-moving, deadly. No cure. Terminal.

We began to share our story; the good, the bad, and the ugly. Dave said if it would bring people to Jesus, he wanted me to tell it all.

It’s been an entire year of leaning on strength through Jesus, and putting our whole trust in God, even when nothing has made sense. Instead of entering hospice in August, we prayed; and Dave ended up experiencing the beginnings of a miraculous healing from God, made possible only through Jesus Christ.

All we want is to give hope to others with cancer and serious illnesses, and encourage their loved ones. Most of all, we want to share Jesus, so that wherever your journey takes you; in the end, it will lead you straight to the gates of Heaven!

Our story is below, with links in order, in real time. May it bless, heal, and comfort you. May you be encouraged; finding hope, joy, and freedom through your pain and suffering. God bless you, in Jesus’ name!

It’s not about us… it’s about JESUS, and what he can do for you! It’s about Jesus gathering our whole family, our brothers and sisters in Christ; who have been there for us with prayers, anointings, food, encouragement, gifts, verses, wisdom, visits, real help, and love when we needed it most! We are forever humbled and grateful; and so incredibly thankful for the blessings of you!

We want to share Dave’s Testimony 2022: Our entire year of terminal cancer, leaning on strength through Jesus, and wholly trusting in God’s promises and healing miracles. Here is our mini book:

4/10 Dave’s Testimony: My Husband has Deadly Cancer… Palm Sunday Miracles

4/13 Dave’s Testimony: Coming Home… Chemo for Christ

4/17 Dave’s Testimony: Roller Coaster… Easter Joys in Fighting Cancer

4/21 Dave’s Testimony: Prayers Weave a Greater Web than Cancer… Chemo Time

4/25 Dave’s Testimony: Quilt of Valor… Covering Chemo with Prayers

5/5 Dave’s Testimony: God Gave Us Premature Miracle Twins 23 Years Ago… a poem

5/6 Dave’s Testimony: Hurricane Cancer Rages in the Eye of the Storm, Yet Blessings Rain Down

5/8 Dave’s Testimony: Mother’s Day… Mothers Who Love When Your Husband Has Cancer

5/16 Dave’s Testimony: Clouds, Cancer, Christ: God is in Control!

5/21 Dave’s Testimony: A Birthday of Shared Gifts… Best Days Since Chemo!

5/30 Dave’s Testimony: Memorial Day, Murph Challenge to Cancer… A Different Kind of War

6/3 Dave’s Testimony: Cancer, Chemo, Clots, Credit, and Chaotic Car Conversations

6/19 Dave’s Testimony: Dad has Cancer (Next Day is Chemo) Happy Father’s Day!!!

7/4 Dave’s Testimony: Chemo Rage Fireworks B4 Celebrating 4th of July!

7/19 Dave’s Testimony: Cancer, Covid, Camp, and a New Puppy! That’s How We Roll!

7/29 Dave’s Testimony: Sorrowful Cancer Scan Results and Strength Through Jesus Tee Shirts

8/17 Dave’s Testimony: Cancer Racer Crashes… Pit Stop Prayer Team Sets in Motion more NASCAR Laps to Go!

8/31 Dave’s Testimony: Covid, Cancer, Chemo, and a Dizzy Fall… Surviving with Great Love from Family and Friends

10/10 Dave’s Testimony: Terminal Cancer War… Our Soldier’s Personal Battle of Life or Death

11/6 Dave’s Testimony: Healing Service Offers Hopeful Miracles and Peace about Living with Terminal Cancer

11/9 Dave’s Testimony: Tumors Shrink as Our Faith in God Keeps Growing… Good News Cancer Scan!

12/25 Dave’s Testimony: God’s Servant, with Cancer, heals slowly in bed; while Visions of Miracles Dance in his Head …

See you in 2023! Feel free to share this link; but please use the link only; because it honors the copyright, helps us stay connected with others through my blog, and makes sure nothing gets taken out of context. You can find us below:

How to Invite Jesus into Your Heart and Receive Eternal life! If you accept Jesus as a result of Dave’s testimony; please let us know by commenting here; so we can pray for you, and rejoice in having a new brother or sister in Christ!

The gorgeous sunrise I saw right before the new year…. “Because of the LORD’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness” (Lam 3: 22-23 NIV). “For no matter how many promises God has made, they are ‘Yes’ in Christ. And so through him the “Amen’ is spoken by us to the glory of God” ( 2 Cor. 1:20 NIV).

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Strength Through Jesus Apparel t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and more; designed by our family, to fulfill Dave’s dream to create high quality Christ-centered clothing. It’s meant to wear proudly; along with displaying hope, strength, joy, and courage; which only comes from Jesus Christ. New variety of designs are coming in 2023. This business gives our family a small bit of support while on disability. 10% of every purchase supports St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, which provides free medical care for families of children with cancer. We started late, halfway through the year; but we were able to make $500 for this beautiful charity of our choice!

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In Christ,

Angela Royse Pelleman with beloved husband, Dave Pelleman

Angela and Dave Pelleman on a real Thanksgiving, right after miraculous good news scan about shrinking cancer tumors!

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