12/25 Dave’s Testimony: God’s Servant, with Cancer, heals slowly in bed; while Visions of Miracles Dance in his Head …

Christmas… with cancer. It’s not easy. It’s very, very hard. But the silver lining is in receiving evidence that God has begun a miraculous healing in Dave’s broken body! Though Dave still struggles with pain and fatigue, these miracles have given us enough strength through Jesus to experience some Christmas joy we didn’t even know would come to pass.

Right after last Christmas, Dave became severely ill… with deadly cancer. There have been thousands, and tens of thousands, of prayers offered up to God for his healing. The support has been beyond belief; family, friends, strangers, and brothers and sisters in Christ being the hands and feet of Jesus. There have been anointings, the laying on of hands, visions, prophecies, visits with meals and prayers; and the belief that God would turn this terminal cancer around, and Jesus would miraculously heal Dave.

Dave was about to enter hospice a couple months ago. After attending a healing service, God began to miraculously change things around. We have received tangible evidence of improvement via scans and bloodwork. There have been surprised, joyful reactions from oncology; especially when chemotherapy had been skipped or delayed, several times. We told our oncologist about using Fenbendazole, known as Fen Ben; an alternative therapy for cancer. The oncologist was concerned about Dave’s bloodwork, but it all came out excellent. When Dave took a chemo break, and only took Fenbendazole, the bloodwork actually improved! This last session with oncology was supposed to be the start of low dose chemo, but the chemotherapy seemed to be the only reason for the new low white blood cell count. Dave’s oncologist said that since he was doing so well, Dave could skip the low-dose chemo for December, and allow his immune system to strengthen. This was an answer to payer, because we didn’t want to do chemo anyway! Another scan will occur around mid-February.

Our family has been fed, gifted financially, and blessed in so many ways! Encouragement has come in the form of words, songs, and bible verses. We’ve received emergency care, offers of help, unexpected beautiful gifts, and so much love! Thank you to each and every person who has helped us through this crisis, and to those who continue to be there while Dave continues to heal.

The Vision: I’m in Walmart, right before Thanksgiving, late at night, shopping near the Christmas trees. I receive a call from a number I don’t recognize. and decide to call back… “Hi Angela! It’s Lira!” Lira! She’s the Ukrainian woman from the healing service Dave and I attended. Dave was prayed over, and anointed; and Christian Believers saw visions of him being healed! A few weeks later, we then received evidence from oncology that it was really happening… the tumors were disappearing!

Photo courtesy: kirahoffmann

I’m happy it’s Lira, so I huddle by the nearest indoor Christmas tree, looking for a quiet spot, so I can better hear her voice over the intercom. Employees are scraping ladders across the floor, yelling back and forth to each other. One guy even asks if I need help with a tree. I shake my head, no, and I want to dive into an evergreen and disappear. I don’t want to miss a single accented word coming from Lira’s musical voice. I close my eyes tightly, to shut out the background noise. She says, “I want to tell you what I saw when I was praying for Dave.”

I’m all ears. Lira is the one who sees deeper into the spiritual realm than I can. She is the one who saw two angels scooping bad things out of Dave’s stomach, and then pouring in living water. She tells me she was writing down the vision, but it was a lot; so she decided to call me. I’m so grateful, because now is the time I really need to hear it. Dave’s been struggling, and he really needs to hear it too!

The story is now in my words. I can’t explain it all, but I remember the gist of what’s important. Now that I’ve shared with my husband and children; it’s time to tell everyone else who believes in miracles, or has the slightest faith, and is praying for a miracle too. This vision adds to Dave’s recently received prayers, anointing, healing, visions from brothers and sisters in Christ, and evidence of healing from the oncology department. This new vision adds more hope for the holidays, and better yet; hope for the future.

Lira says she has seen Dave in a huge room filled with hundreds of beautiful books. These books are filled with stories about diseases that God has healed. There is a large, absolutely beautiful, marble slab in the center of the room. It is just Dave’s size, and he is lying on it, comfortably. Jesus comes into the room and places Dave’s head onto his lap, and looks down upon Dave, the way a surgeon might look upside down at the head of a patient on a surgical table. Jesus bends over, and begins to blow away the smaller tumors in Dave’s stomach. They blow away like glitter or dust.

Photo courtesy: TuendeBede

I’m delighted by this news. And all I can say is, “Wow!”

“But there are two larger tumors,” says Lira. And I find myself holding my breath. What about these?

I say, “Yes. Dave has two larger tumors.” I’m remembering now everything we first learned from the horrific scan. Lira and I have only recently met. None of this information was discussed… She never even knew there were two very large tumors!

“Really?” She casually asks, and continues on, which also grabs my attention, because this woman of God is not looking for attention. She only wants to share the good news with the recipient for whom it’s intended. It’s the very thing God wants all of us to do, in order to encourage others. “Therefore, encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing” (1. Th. 5: 11 NIV).

“… And there’s a larger area, a big area, kind of blocking everything, where all this cancer started…”

I’m stunned. “That’s his appendix,” I say. “That’s where the cancer started, way up in the appendix, which is just out of range of being able to be picked up with a colonoscopy.” This is why his colonoscopy was clear in December, yet by the end of January, Dave was dying of cancer. But the cancer is so fast moving and aggressive, maybe that’s why it wasn’t seen; maybe it had only just started. Dave was also misdiagnosed in the first place, so no one had thought to look any further. It all went so wrong, so fast. The rare, deadly adenocarcinoma began to quickly spread, yet still was not seen on the second scan. It wasn’t until a month later, that the sixth scan showed cancer completely devouring Dave’s stomach, with big tumors blocking vital areas, and hundreds of smaller tumors littering his small intestine.

Looking back, three oncology specialists admitted that the second scan should have been flagged. They could see something wrong on the scan. We have been dealing with stage four terminal cancer, when it could have been caught at stage one or two; without Dave having to go through invasive, intensive, traumatic surgery which left Dave with an ileostomy bag. But GOD! What are His plans? What is God doing now, when Lira has never known about any of this; yet she is describing it to me exactly as it has happened?

As quickly as I’m reminded of the trauma, she eases my mind by saying, “Jesus is blowing on those big tumors and dissolving them.” I feel myself relax. They are being dissolved, not fully dissolved; more healing is coming and needs to happen. This is exactly what the oncology report revealed, which is something Lira could not have known.

Photo courtesy: LMoonlight

But what she says next, rocks my world. she tells me Jesus turns towards her (since she is the one praying) and tells her, “God is healing Dave because of his faith.” I know Dave has been faithfully living out Strength through Jesus, praying for God’s will the entire time he’s been sick. Then, Lira adds, “… But, it’s not just Dave’s faith about why he’s being healed.” So I think of how it must be mine too, because of how I’ve grown in faith and trust in God. But it’s better than that… She says, “Jesus says God is healing Dave, because of the faith of your whole family.” This is what rocks my world. My whole beloved family!

She tells me this three times, so that I will understand the importance. I think of how much it means to me, that my whole family is involved in Dave’s healing. This means that any prayer they have uttered, any cry out for help, any faith as small as a mustard seed; all of it has counted, even when we were scared, doubtful, angry, or despondent. It has all counted!

And then it dawns on me…. I realize the reason Lira has three times told me… “It’s the faith of your whole family!” In the loving Family of God, everyone matters, which means everyone’s faithful prayers have mattered to God when comes down to Dave being healed. Even faith as small as a mustard seed, matters to God. There have been so many prayers for Dave! Many of you are the reason for Dave’s healing! Thank you, to our whole family; for praying for Dave, and for believing in a miracle with us!

First… Dave and I, with our three children, were specifically created and chosen to be together as one whole family. Second… our close friends and family members; who know us best; and love, support, and encourage us… are also a part of our whole family. Third… the rest of our brothers and sisters in Christ; who pray for us, anoint us, choose to be the hands and feet of Jesus, and believe in miracles… are also part of our whole family. We all belong to The Family of God! We have never felt closer to our whole family of God, than we have during Dave’s trial of cancer. What a loving and beautiful gift God has given, to include the faith of our whole family as the reason for Dave’s miraculous healing!

Right after Lira shares her vision; John and Lou (from the healing service) end up coming to visit our home. They are now dear friends. They pray for us and anoint our entire family, including my sister-in-law. They tell us to get ready for what God has planned for us, and to “get ready for the ride!” Healing Ministry comes up, which blows our minds, because we have never imagined ourselves doing this. Yet, we’ve opened our hearts to serve God in whatever capacity He is willing to equip within us. We are now watching, waiting, praying, listening, and practicing what Jesus has taught us about healing. We are doing this for our own family, and others, as we continue our own journey of healing.

We’re not yet out of the woods, so we’ve learned to take our days one at a time, and go with whatever the day brings us. Dave still has some very rough days filled with pain and fatigue. As he comes off of pain medication, an older back injury is causing intense pain. The pain medication causes his stomach to hurt. This cycle also includes insomnia and exhaustion.

But we also experience joy; as when Mike and Lorri feel God leading them to bless us with tickets to see David, at Sight & Sound, where the Bible is brought to life. The exact seats we need, are available on the exact day we are able to go. One of my best friends, Dee, cares for our dogs; so we can make the drive which is two states away. It’s a gift we need, without realizing it; and it’s such a blessing!

Our David got to see King “David” with our family!

About a week before Christmas, Dave and I pray and agree to stop the Fen Ben. Dave has been on Fenbendazole for five months, while other cancer patients have had good results in less time. We believe Fen Ben has been part of God’s plan; so others could learn that this alternative treatment is becoming more well known as a possible cure for cancer. Dave has been wanting to stop Fen Ben by the end of December. During the week, I’ve heard God saying we can stop, that we don’t need it anymore; and that it may even be the reason for Dave’s lack of appetite, stomach pain, and fatigue; which are all side effects of Fenbendazole. Dave has been thinking the same thing, so after finally praying about it, we are spiritually on the same page, and fully in agreement with our decision. God is in charge, and Jesus is The Great Physician!

The Friday before Christmas Eve, Dave goes to the Cancer Center to get his annoying G-tube replaced… again. I receive a call from him, and he says, “I was walking into the lobby and felt a weird sensation near my chest. I looked down, and my G-tube had fallen out completely… and landed on the floor!” He’s all excited, saying he feels so free without it. He doesn’t feel like he has to walk all bent over to guard it and keep it from bothering him. Now the thought comes to me… Is that why his back his been hurting so badly? A pulled muscle?

A Christian nurse comes to help him. Dave says he doesn’t want a new G-tube. The nurse asks if Dave needs his G-tube for feeding, hydration, etc… His answer is “no” to every question. The G-tube has been there “just in case of…” and “what if…?” She calls the doctor, who says Dave is looking good and healthy; so there’s no need to replace it. The nurse has helped Dave gain some freedom. She understands Dave’s joy. Her own son has been clear from Lymphoma for the last 23 months. “Praise God!” says Dave. God has given Dave new a victory! If the G-tune hadn’t fallen out on its own, it would have been replaced by now.

Dave ends up sleeping the entire day and night on Christmas Eve. My children all band together and help me prepare food and wrap gifts, deep into the night. Dave comes down at midnight, puts my gifts under the tree, and fills my stocking; even though our kids would have done it for him. I’m back in my room around 3 a.m. but Dave’s having severe pain. I pray for him and help him get settled, and it’s 4 a.m. by the time I go to bed. This Christmas, we’ve all just wanted to do the things for Dave, that he’s usually able to do for us. We want to give him the best Christmas ever! Thankfully, I am able to get several hours of sleep before Christmas Day. Perhaps, it’s because my family has already received the best Christmas gift… The father in our home is still here on earth to celebrate with us!

Christmas Eve 3 a.m.

Christmas Day is a beautiful, cozy, fun, family cocoon. Dave is in pain; but he’s enjoying the day. He’s grateful for all the love each family member put into the holiday that we so enjoy spending together. He’s touched, and brought to tears, by the hugs from everyone on Christmas night. Our hearts are happy, because it wouldn’t have been the same kind of celebration without Dave. I know we will treasure it always; knowing it could have been the Christmas without the man we all love.

We are not out of the woods yet, but we can rejoice in each victory for Dave as he makes his way towards complete healing. God will be his shelter in the forest, and Dave can take refuge in God’s wings, so he can find rest. This is what I prayed for Dave last week, when I anointed him three times; praying for relief, refuge, and rest. God is so good! We just need to trust Him! “He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection” (Ps. 91:4 NLT)

We now know, more than ever before; how important it is to pray for others; and comfort, encourage, and support those who are going through a traumatic time of illness or loss. God is still fulfilling our needs and giving us joy, along with strength through Jesus, from our brothers and sisters in Christ. We will continue doing this for others, as well. People need to love, and to be loved!

We will keep sharing our journey: to spread hope, encourage others with cancer, and lead as many people as possible to Jesus Christ! We still have a long way to go; but we wouldn’t have made it this far without you… our whole family… the family of God! We know that Jesus is our destination!

Photo courtesy: PapaOsmosis

Please continue to pray for pain relief, comfort, energy, and sleep for Dave! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for being a part of Dave’s healing. We dearly love you! May you have a Merry, Miraculous Christmas and a Glorious, Joyful New Year; in Jesus’ Holy Name!

Dave and Angela Pelleman with the lion and the lamb in front of Sight & Sound Theatre in Pa.


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10 thoughts on “12/25 Dave’s Testimony: God’s Servant, with Cancer, heals slowly in bed; while Visions of Miracles Dance in his Head …

  1. rutzhva says:

    Thank you for all this update, Angela. I know it had to take so long, but it is REALLY helpful, encouraging, and reaffirming to keep praying and claiming Dave’s VICTORY. And, to apply it to others (including self). I’ll be rereading it and growing in depth and wisdom. My love and God’s blessings for Dave, for you, for your wonderful Kids, and for all your loved Ones and friends. To God be the glory for the GREAT things He has, is, and will continue to be doing!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Angela Royse Pelleman says:

      Yes, long suffering! But we cannot give up ever! Because God is The Miracle Maker snd Jesus is The Great Physician! Your sweet bites have been a comfort to me and have brightened my day! Thank you for going in our journey with us! And may God bless your health, and bless your precious family, in Jesus’ name! 💕 You are officially entered in the giveaway! 💙


    • Angela Royse Pelleman says:

      Thank you so much! Yes, it’s been so long, and so difficult! But I kept thinking, all I have is my hope in Jesus, and my trust in God; and realized that it is the VERY BEST thing! Thank you so much for your prayers and blessings, and the encouragement given to us as a family for sharing our story! I appreciate this so much; and I’m seeing it right before New Year’s Eve! God bless you this coming new year, in Jesus’ name! 💙🙏🏼


  2. Lorri says:

    I continue to be encouraged to hear how God is leading and working and HEALING in your situation! I agree that your ability to “write it all down” for us is impressive…I know the time and effort is not small to accomplish it. But it is the WORD of TESTIMONY that is going out and magnifying God’s GLORY as He works!

    I love that your “whole family” — those who live under your roof, and those who stand with you around the Throne of the Lamb — are part of the testimony of FAITH!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Angela Royse Pelleman says:

      Dear Lorri, I love these beautiful words! You’re such an encourager! You’ve made my day so many times, and you’re doing it right now! We could not have gone through this journey with you, a part of our WHOLE family to get us through!we will never ever forget all the love and support you’ve given us from the time the very first sad news came out.. you were there! And it makes me feel really good that you understand it does take time and effort to write it all down; but I do love to do it; it’s probably the biggest way I worship God and spend time with Him; because He tells me things, and I want ti share them. And as I write, He tells me more things snd teaches me while I write! God gets ALL the credit, because I feel like He’s talking to me as I go, and that’s a really cool experience! You’ve been a huge encouragement to me as I write the blog; because it means so much to us to try snd make a difference by sharing Jesus as part of our difficult journey. Prayers for you and your family tonight, to be blessed this New Year and beyond, in Jesus’ name! Love you! 💙🙏🏼 Also, here’s my thank you giveaway to those who are reading our story; if you’d like to enter! 😊 https://angelaslittleattic.com/2022/12/24/the-silver-lining-wonderful-winter-giveaway-celebrating-christ-conquering-cancer/


  3. Bruce Cooper says:

    I know I can’t begin to comprehend what has been endured by Dave and you this last year, Angela, or the journey that you all have taken us (the whole family) on. It’s an amazing testimony to your faith and God’s grace and I praise His Holy name for it. My own wife (77 years old) is scheduled for a hip replacement on the 20th of Jan and we also are trusting in God to heal her along with her slowly progressing dementia. Simple people, trusting in God, and He hears our prayers. We shall continue to hold you all up in prayer, please consider holding us up in yours. A blessed and praiseful New Year to you and yours! Love in Christ – Bruce

    Liked by 1 person

    • Angela Royse Pelleman says:

      Oh Bruce! Dave and I will absolutely be praying for wife’s healing, and for you to lean on strength through Jesus! A hip replacement is an important surgery, and so needed when pain has become unbearable; or one cannot walk. I get hip injections for bursitis. I also have a tear in my right hip. It left me unable to walk until
      it healed a bit. And the day after Christmas, I had a concussion falling off my daughter’s hoverboard. I forgot we had Christmas at all, for about a half hour! Losing my memory scared all of us! Thanks to God, my sons took me to the ER, I got my memory back quickly, and I had a clear scan. I’m telling you these things to let you know I can relate to the hip and dementia issues you are so needing prayer for; it’s a really concerning time for you both! God CAN miraculously heal your wife’s dementia, and he can also heal her hip, in Jesus’ name! We will also be praying for God to guide the surgeons and physical therapists, and other medical staff who see your wife. God also uses other people and therapies, and medicines and supplements for healing; after all, he created everything! I’ve seen many times how God has opened the door for us to talk about Jesus with those are caring for us. Sometimes it’s planting a seed, and other times it’s an entire conversation! Thank you for for continuing to pray for us. We will be praying for you both as our dear brother and sister in Christ. Thank you for bringing us your prayer requests. I believe God helps us heal as we pray for others to heal through Jesus. Do not fear! Cast away the devil behind you, in Jesus’ name. I pray you healing, protection, and joy along the journey; with Jesus walking beside you both, and The Holy Spirit to guide you. I’ll be checking in with you, as well. Love and prayers, my friend, in Jesus’ name! 💙🙏🏼

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