You Can’t Erase Their Race… Ukrainian Refugee Poem

No, you can’t erase their race,

for they’re beautiful and strong.

They all fight because it’s right;

Citizens with flag and song.

Children grown in just one day,

now defend, and carry arms;

Babies’ lullabies are drowning

Under shells, bombs, and alarms.

Mamas’ milk has all dried up,

Causing some to weep and moan;

So, mothers breastfeed babies,

Who are not even their own.

It’s miles and days to borders,

Kiss the papas their goodbyes.

Men then walk back toward the war,

But the fear’s still in their eyes.

Families now without a home,

Or a job, their health, and friends;

The pain of missing loved ones;

Will they see them once again?

Did you hear them ask for help?

Do you see the tears they cry?

They ask for our assistance,

Begging, “Please just close the sky!”

The nightmare’s still unfolding

For the mighty and the brave.

We must now run and rescue,

For it’s them we need to save.

Ukraine, our hearts are with you,

And our contributions too,

And the prayers we send to God,

Asking Him to care for you.

Keep faithful for your people;

Evil can’t erase a race.

For, God is Your Creator,

And He put you in this place!

It’s your people and your land,

You’ve been loyal, you’ve been true.

May God end all the suffering,

Oh, sweet Jesus, come to you!

God, strengthen and sustain you,

May he take away your pain,

And send angels to surround you;

God bring glory to Ukraine!

~ Angela Royse Pelleman ©️ 2022

Photo Courtesy: KELLEPICS

“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand” (Is. 41:10 NIV).

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