Boys at War… a Memorial Day Tribute

Many situations are honorable and admirable, but there is still nothing comparable to literally putting one’s life on the line, in order for other people to live in freedom. It’s important to remember the brave American soldiers who sacrificed their lives for us. They are an exemplary example of what it means to have lived selflessly, just as Jesus taught us to do.

Over the years, thousands of young boys were signed up, recruited, and even drafted to fight during the war. So many brave soldiers fought for, served, and protected our country. Some came back home, and we rejoiced. Many never made it back, and we weeped.

The Bible is filled with stories about soldiers: how God chose them, how they won battles, and how God protected them. God has always had a plan for the selfless soldiers, who have given their hearts to Jesus, in addition to giving their lives to their country. In the darkness and mourning of death, is found the silver lining: eternal life, rewards, and reunion with loved ones in Heaven.

Take a moment today, and thank God for the soldiers who gave their lives for us.

Original post: Boys at War… a Welcome Home Poem

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