Happy Father’s Day, God!

Happy Father’s Day, God! Thank You for showing fathers everywhere how to be godly fathers, even when so many have not had fatherly guidance in learning how to love their sons and daughters the way You intended. Some fathers have abandoned, some fathers have neglected, some fathers have tried, some fathers have taught, some fathers have listened, some fathers have helped, some fathers have provided, some fathers have learned, and some fathers have loved. But You, Father God, sacrificed Your own son, so that our sins, and the sins of our fathers, and the sins of our forefathers, can be forgiven.

Your love is beyond measure. Your love is beyond understanding. Your love is eternal. Only Your love can fill the void that occurs, when death takes our beloved fathers. Only Your love can heal the pain inflicted by our imperfect fathers, who need to repent and receive Your forgiveness. Only Your love can find its way towards healing the deepest wounds, of those fathers who have lost their precious children. No gift we could give, will ever repay You for Your ultimate sacrifice, or even begin to show You how grateful we are for Your love. 

What gives You the greatest joy, is when we accept Your free gift of salvation, by asking Jesus into our hearts, and repenting of our sins. We can then tell others how to find freedom and eternal life through Your son, Jesus Christ. This is also the only way we can be reunited with our earthly fathers in Heaven some day; where our fathers will be healed and whole, and made new, through You! Happy Father’s Day, God! I’m so grateful, and filled with joy, to be your child!

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