A Sin is a Sin

Come on Christians! Stand together and speak God’s truth, especially at this time when prophesy is being fulfilled! Stop twisting what God says about abortion, gay marriage, and what qualities make for a good king/ president (requirement: to be a man after God’s own heart). Worldly truth does not equal God’s truth. Man twists scripture in order to continue sinning. A sin is a sin. Accept it. Ask forgiveness, and share the truth. Christians shouldn’t be the ones adding to the lies. Why is everyone afraid to stand with God, when He has promised so much? 

True Christians are not judgmental. They stand against the sin, yet love the sinner. Stop calling Christians haters for obeying God’s laws, especially when we are the only ones who care that sinners don’t end up in Hell. Standing up in the face of adversity, knowing people will hate us, in order to tell people they need Jesus to be saved, is called LOVE!

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