Biblical Truths

Did you know you can grow up in a “Christian” household still be taught the complete opposite of God’s truth? Guilt, fear, and condemnation come from the devil, under the guise of “teaching” or “discipline.” Instead, we are meant to rejoice in hope, encouragement, and acceptance, which are all gifts from God! If you didn’t hear how much Jesus loves you, and how he is able to help you through hard times and suffering, you weren’t being taught about all the amazing things that Jesus Christ offers, as your personal savior. If you didn’t hear a message about how you are forgiven, special, gifted, loved, and cherished by God, you did not receive biblical truth. God places wise people in our lives, to teach us the truth about Jesus and God’s infinite love for us! Don’t be afraid to ask a godly person to help you understand what you missed out on in the school of life. Real Christians, who follow Jesus, are excited to share truth with you, along with life lessons for your healing!

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