Glitz, Glamour, and GOD… a New York City Anniversary Adventure

When my husband prayed for God to be at the center of our 24th anniversary adventure in New York City, he meant it. God answered his prayer. Our trip became everything we imagined and more, including the imperfections among the perfections. Yes, our anniversary was about us. After all, we'd never in our entire 24 … Continue reading Glitz, Glamour, and GOD… a New York City Anniversary Adventure

15 Ways to have a Blessed Mother’s Day Even if Family is Not There

As I ponder those brothers and sisters in Christ whose hearts may be filled with pain and sadness on special holidays, I hope to point everyone to the cross; where Jesus makes everything perfectly joyous! This post is not just for mothers; it is for all of my readers. It has been embellished to include some precious photos I want to share with you. May God heal and restore your godly relationships with His love, in Jesus’ name! 💙

The Silver Lining

So many hearts find Mother’s Day to be a time of sadness and despair, instead of gladness and delight. Many have lost their mothers due to cancer or old age. Some have been abandoned or abused by their mothers, and are no longer a part of each other’s lives. Some have never known their mothers. No matter the reason, not having a mother leaves one with an empty hole; an ache to be nurtured, a desire to be treasured, a wish to be guided in godly wisdom and unconditionally loved.

Still others hearts are left feeling an empty spot, because they are aching to be mothers. It hurts when desire runs deep, and a woman has so much love to give and yearns to share it, yet it remains unfulfilled. It may be another miscarriage, a long struggle with infertility treatments, or an adoption process which is taking way too…

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