Young at Heart

I just made friends with the cutest old guy ever! We lamented about modern technology. When a clerk asked how he was doing, he said, “Not bad, for a good ol’ boy like me!” His attitude made him seem young and mischievous! He made me feel happy and hopeful to be the age I am.

I love elderly people.  They have so much wisdom to offer, and their stories are such an inspiration. I could sit and listen for hours about what they did back in “the good ol’ days!” I wish our country appreciated the gifts of the aged and godly. My new older friend exuded the kind of joy that comes from knowing Jesus. I just can’t wait to see that young “whippersnapper” up in Heaven someday!

“They still bear fruit in old age; they are ever full of sap and green,” 

(Psalm 92:14 English Standard Version)

Challenge: Can you find my both of my teenaged twin boys hiding in this photo?

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