DEEP…a Psalm of Rescue…Hope for Depression

I wrote this Psalm during the most difficult spiritual battle of my life.  I’m choosing to share it with you, to let you know that during my deepest, darkest storm, there was a shiny, shimmery silver lining.  It’s now brighter than over, and the storm is over!  Your storm will not last forever.  God wants you to lean on him through the storm.  God may allow the high winds to swirl around you for a while, so you will grab His hand out of desperation.  If he stops the storm for you, when you haven’t yet sought Him, you may find yourself alone in the middle of the ocean.  What happens then?  You will eventually float away and drown!  God doesn’t want that for you.  He loves you! You do not have to live with depression.  It does not identify you.  It is not God’s will for you to be depressed.  It is God’s will for you to be healed through Jesus Christ.   I ran to Jesus when I was hurting, and he saved me from depression. He can save you too!                  


A Psalm of Rescue. Of Angela.

Oh God, only you know the pain
I carry
deep inside,
as deep as your
blackest oceans
where no light shines.

I am drowning;
only you can bring me to the
Save me from the
sharks’ sharp teeth.
Save me from the choking arms
of the octopus.
Save me from the sting of
jellyfish tentacles,
and save me from the
from what I cannot see
down in the

Pull me up out of the salty water;
rinse my burning eyes.
Lift me up and out
with your
everlasting love.
Save me!
You are my life preserver, Lord.
Let me grab hold of you.

Send me a wild whale
to swim beneath me
and buoy me to the
surface of
your love.

I will choke and gag and spit,
as I dodge the tidal wave,
and break through the
surface of
the sea.

I will gasp with relief
as the warm, sunny air
rushes into my lungs
and fills them.
I will find myself alive!
I can breathe!

You will send me a boat,
and I will float
in the water,
as I gaze at the
puffy white clouds
in the blue, blue sky.

And when I see you,
I will rejoice!
I will leave the boat
and walk on water.
No, I will not walk.
I will run!
I will run into your
ever-loving arms.
Sweet Jesus.
Save me.

~Angela Royse Pelleman ©2012


” Psalm 69 For the director of music. To the tune of ‘Lilies.’ Of David.   

Save me, O God, for the waters have come up to my neck. I sink in the miry depths, where there is not foothold. I have come into the deep waters; the floods engulf me” (Psalm 69: 1-2 New International Version).



8 thoughts on “DEEP…a Psalm of Rescue…Hope for Depression

    • Angela Royse Pelleman says:

      That is so true, Matthew! Praise is a weapon against the devil, and it’s taken me a long by time to learn that! Yesterday I had a very discouraging day, and I see how praise could have turned the entire day around! Still learning, and also really realizing that I do praise God all the time through the words in my blog; and that He does change things around for me; and it’s happening more quickly now that I have a good hang of it! Praise God! And may God blesss you and your wonderful writing, my friend, in Jesus’ name! Keep using your gift for our good and His glory! 💙


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