Fifty Darker Shades of Sin… Sexual Abuse is not a “grey area”

By Angela Royse Pelleman Formerly published as "God’s Scriptures on Sexual Abuse are Written in Black and White… Not Grey" Confusion and Lies   As if it wasn't bad enough to be exposed to unwelcome previews for the pornographic movie, Fifty Shades of Grey, right before Valentine's Day, it's déjà vu, two years later, with … Continue reading Fifty Darker Shades of Sin… Sexual Abuse is not a “grey area”

The Good Life…Do We “DESERVE IT?” (Compassion Series)

The flawless looking model on TV flashes her bright white teeth, but her smile doesn’t reach her eyes. Her pretend fiancé presents her with a jewelry box containing a pair of expensive diamond earrings. She looks at the camera and says you should have some too, because she insists, “You deserve it!” But I know … Continue reading The Good Life…Do We “DESERVE IT?” (Compassion Series)

Stolen Candy Bar…Conviction or Condemnation?

Have you ever stolen a candy bar? Have you ever sinned by doing something you weren’t proud of, and struggled afterwards with guilt, anxiety, shame, fear, and self-condemnation? Even Christians, who know they are forgiven in Christ, will struggle with negative emotions, when they’ve sinned. That’s because the enemy is hell-bent on destroying us. Condemnation … Continue reading Stolen Candy Bar…Conviction or Condemnation?