Truthful Revelations

There are times when God has been teaching you a concept, maybe even over a long period of time, when suddenly there's a complete revelation...such as when when you finally really understand that those terrible, horrible things that were said to you, were not only untrue, but were in reality, a mirror's reflection of those … Continue reading Truthful Revelations

A Narcissist’s Damaging Impact…Hope for the Hurting

Narcissist is just a fancy word for an extremely self-centered person. Narcissism is a sin. A narcissist is so focused on self, there's no room to consider others as separate individuals with their own thoughts and emotions. This spiritual issue has roots in bitterness, jealousy, and denial; which are also sins. Narcissism is so selfishly … Continue reading A Narcissist’s Damaging Impact…Hope for the Hurting