Experience Growth in God, Here at ‘The Silver Lining!’

Congratulations to Nicole, who won the prize for figuring out the theme word for the month of March, here at The Silver Lining ministry page on Facebook! Participants were allowed as many guesses as they wanted, and she kept trying until she got it! She will receive a handmade piece of jewelry in her mailbox next week! 💙

The six-letter theme word, starting with “g,” also came with clues such as a mini-video of birds, and a photo of colorful flowers beautifying the streets of Brooklyn, New York. Our theme this month on the Facebook ministry page is: GROWTH. Another clue given, was that the word had something to do with us being Christians. Jesus wants us to grow in him. Our growth never stops, because we always have more to learn, no matter how wise we become. We will experience GROWTH until the day God reaches down, and “picks us” to take us home to Heaven to live with Him eternally. If you want to know what to do to make sure God sees you here in the garden on Earth, read here: How to Invite Jesus into Your Heart and Receive Eternal Life! If you need prayer, or have questions; comment below this post, and I will make sure to get in touch with you!

Invite a friend to subscribe to The Silver Lining Blog by visiting the homepage, and/or joining us for daily encouragement, comments, and interaction at The Silver Lining Ministry Facebook Page. This month, there will be blog posts, including poetry, about our growth in Christ. On Facebook, you will find daily encouragement; including occasional, related blog posts by other gifted Christian authors.

The Silver Lining will also be hosting some more fun contests! Some of the contests will be for The Silver Lining blog subscribers; others will be for The Silver Lining followers on Facebook. I’m currently working towards being more active at The Silver Lining on Instagram. I welcome you to follow there, and will also keep you updated on any further social media outlets. The social media outlets are a way to help more readers find this Christian blog. The contests are a way to spread joy, and show appreciation to my readers… you! Most importantly, The Silver Lining is my ministry; it is my way to tell others the truth about Jesus Christ!

The Silver Lining is a light shining through the darkness. It is a way to help other Christians find hope which leads to healing, truth which leads to freedom, and growth which leads to wisdom and joy in Jesus Christ! I pray for each and every one of you to receive the gift of his salvation leading to eternal life. God offers this gift to us all. Easter is a reminder of how Jesus sacrificed his life on the cross to save us from our sins. Jesus does not only show up in spring, he is here for us throughout every season of our lives. Come grow with God! Come experience the joy of Jesus with us! 💙

“But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and forever! Amen.”(2 Pet. 2:18 NIV)

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