Are We Failing to See THE SILVER LINING in Our “Failures?”

Yesterday, I received a message at my ministry page which said, “There is no silver lining on Facebook.” At first, I said to myself, “Oh, no! I let down my readers… again.” I thought how my life doesn’t always allow for my enthusiasm about God’s truth, to be shared the way I planned. God gives me so many ideas, but so often, when it comes to making by them happen, I fall… short. In other words… I fail.

I hate failure. I hate fear of failure. I hate… failing. The truth is, real life gets in the way of our plans. There’s the bad stuff; like illness, discouragement, and the unexpected. Cars break down, contractors don’t finish jobs, houses need cleaning. Stress! There’s the good stuff too; like children who need us to play with them, family outings, and Christmas shopping and parties! Still, stress!

In all this business of life, sometimes even the good things become stressful. We may want to buy a gift for a loved one for Christmas. It should be enjoyable planning out how we can bless this person we love so much. But when there’s too much to do, and we feel in danger of failing; suddenly Christmas shopping may just feel, in more ways than one, like another item to cross off of our list.

And then, there are the lies. There are the lies we have been taught about failure by: society, schools, media, the world, and sometimes even our own parents. With all the lies we believe about failure, combined with a lack of sufficient time and energy needed to accomplish everything on our “lists,” wouldn’t we all be destined to fail? Since time does not slow down for any us, and the clock keeps on ticking; how in the world are we ever going to stop failing?

We are going to look at God… our Creator; God, The One Who created both time… and us. We are going to ask HIM how we are doing; not ourselves. Because those of us who have accepted Jesus Christ, have God living inside of us! When Jesus is with us, we are not doomed to fail in life. Instead, we are destined for great callings and amazing blessed futures! No matter what is going on in our lives, and no matter how we perceive it, the truth is we are literally only on the way UP when we have Jesus living within us! We are headed towards a life of eternal perfection!

So, if we are saved, yet struggling to understand the fact that we are not failures, we just need to ask The Holy Spirit to show us! This is what The Holy Spirit did for me, as I reread the message from my reader. I hadn’t posted on anything on my Facebook ministry page, even though I’d mentioned to my readers that I was planning to do so each day. This woman had let me know that it was missing; and the silver lining went through my head: “This precious reader is looking daily at The Silver Lining ministry page! She came to this place, seeking encouragement! She also reminded me that there is a very real need… People are reading God’s Words… here! They will find biblical scriptures, the plan for salvation through Jesus Christ, and inspiration and encouragement from the wisdom God so generously and graciously gives me to share! What a gift!

Without realizing it, this precious woman provided me with the silver lining that I needed. I don’t usually realize which people are reading my blog, because most people read the posts without responding. I am only able to see how many people read it, but I’m just happy that they enjoy reading my work! Some people share the posts, and others comment. Some reach out for prayer, and others ask questions. Sometimes I receive feedback; other times I don’t. There are some treasured times when I run into someone I haven’t seen for a long time, and she tells me how something I wrote touched her heart! These times always surprise me, because I don’t know that this particular person has been reading my blog. Sometimes; a minister, a writer I admire, or a good friend will leave some words of encouragement. Other times it will be someone I don’t know, telling me she or he is grateful that I understand. These moments are sweet, knowing God is using me to make a difference!

Though it’s nice to receive feedback which lets us know we are on the right track, we won’t always get to see the effect we have on those around us. But God does see it! If we are focused on Jesus, following him to the best of our ability, then in spite of our shortcomings; we will not fail. For God has promised us that we are already victorious through His Son, Jesus Christ. God will also send affirmation and encouragement our way, just when we need it the most!

If you feel like a failure, renounce that lie in the name of Jesus! Ask God to show you the truth about who you are in Him. If you love Jesus and follow him, you are already pleasing God! Those of us who follow Christ, will be touching hearts, in ways we could never imagine! So let’s keep our eyes on God; knowing and trusting that He can turn our failures into successes. For, our Creator, God, is perfect. He makes no mistakes, and He can fix anything and everything. If you belong to Him, stand straight and tall. God’s children are NOT failures! God’s children are VICTORIOUS through Jesus Christ!

Wherever you’re headed, with Jesus, you’ll always be on the right track!

“Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character,hope. And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.” (Rom. 5:3-5 New International Version).

14 thoughts on “Are We Failing to See THE SILVER LINING in Our “Failures?”

    • Angela Royse Pelleman says:

      Me too, Jeanne. You’re not alone. When we’ve been lied to about who we are; we have to renounce the lies in Jesus’ name, and call on The Holy Spirit to fill us with the truth! I am praying for you, dear friend! πŸ’™


  1. Edith says:

    Hi Angela! This is so encouraging! I love what you said about not being able to know our impact on others fully. We just need to focus on God, as you said, and trust that He will continue to inspire our work and use it to bless others. Will try to share this on a couple of social media but I don’t know if I’ll succeed on Facebook. They’ve been removing the pix from the links I share. It’s been so chaotic over there (so many rules, which keep changing by the way).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Angela Royse Pelleman says:

      Thank you so much Edith! And thank you for sharing! Yes, God is always in charge, so even when it takes a long, long time; He is working everything for good! I recently had trouble with photos on Facebook too. My son told me to completely exit out, and start over. This solved the problem. I hope that it works for you also. Love you, sweet sister! πŸ’™


  2. Karen says:

    I believe that one of the primary reasons God gave us His Word is so that we don’t have to go on feelings. We can sometimes feel a lot, other times nothing at all, but we shouldn’t ever let those subjective emotions overrule what God has written in His word. It is constant, unchanging and immovable. When we feel lost, alone or like a failure, it’s then that we need to run to the truth and apply His truth to the lying feelings we have. Thanks for your post!


    • Angela Royse Pelleman says:

      Karen, you’re so right! Our emotions can deceive us, and the devil definitely counts on that! He uses our emotions to discourage us and to steer us the wrong way. God’s Word is all we need for truth, and I’m so glad the Bible tells us He is pleased with us when we follow Jesus! I wouldn’t be able to make up for all my mistakes! Thank you for stopping by and encouraging me! πŸ’™


  3. Joe Rodriguez says:

    You said, “Though it’s nice to receive feedback which lets us know we are on the right track, we won’t always get to see the effect we have on those around us. But God does see it!” God knows this timeless truth has given me the strength to keep teaching, preaching, counseling, encouraging, writing, and stepping up to tasks others neglect even when I feel the least capable, worthy, or appreciated. I’ve learned that my success is measured by my obedience to Him and not by the standards of this misguided world. Thank you for these reassuring words.


    • Angela Royse Pelleman says:

      Thank you, Joe! I’m also so glad that only God’s Word counts as true! Otherwise, we would be so discouraged by our own mistakes and what others say about us, that we’d never move forward. The world is full of lies, but God’s Word is full of love, truth, and wisdom! Thanks so much for giving me positive feedback based on God’s love for us! Blessings to you and your family, in Jesus’ name! πŸ’™

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  4. April Clevenger Boyer says:

    Encouraging words dear friend! I am so very glad that God manages every thing- just fine- without my meddling. I can never fail if I stay in His will. If I fail in the world, God knows and takes care of it. THAT’s the Silver Lining in this world!
    Thank you, and Hugs!


    • Angela Royse Pelleman says:

      April, I love that you said God manages fine without our meddling! I am so thankful for that! It’s so good to know that whatever decisions we make, God can use them for our good and His glory! Thank you for your sweet words! Love you! πŸ’™


  5. Beloved says:

    Mercy mercy mercy! Praise God for using you and your abiding. I have felt like such a failure up here in Virginia. Utter failure and the enemy has been using it to place doubts and fear in my head. Even more – to isolate me and my family from church. We have suffered more sickness than the past five years combined and I personally have had such back troubles that having church at my house had to stop. I have been in such warfare, and then feel the dissapointment from the new people we have met and I have just felt hopeless…a failure…in despair. Wanting to start relationships – then something happens. It has been so vicious. I even clammed up from even making plans for fear that we would have to cancel AGAIN. But I learned to really lean on the Lord, my hope. It was revealed that I was also suffering a fear of rejection and needed to more firmly establish my identity through Christ and battle negative thoughts. Pray for us as we are seeking victory over sickness, depression and the lies of the enemy. Enough of the torture! As I type, 3 people in our home have the flu….and we still have not been able to go cut down our tree for Christmas! But in Christ, I am fearfully and wonderfully made, I am accepted as He suffered my rejection, I am healed by His wounds. In my weakness He is strong. Thank you for being open and vulnerable. It has helped me

    Liked by 1 person

    • Angela Royse Pelleman says:

      Dear Beloved, it almost sounds as if you are me talking! That must be why you were touched while reading my blog. I’ve had all these same things happen; bless your heart! I’ve learned that when God is pleased with you and wants to use us, the enemy will seek to destroy our faith, by keeping us discouraged. There are definitely seasons of sorrow and stress, but God promises also seasons of joy! I have more posts that address the back pain, depression, sickness, friendships, discouragement, and more. You can type in a tag search on my homepage. You can also message me at My ministry page is there with daily encouragement. Message me where you are in Virginia. I wonder if you live near me? If you’d like to chat, let me know, because girlfriend; I have so been there! I pray your new year is full of joy, in Jesus name. Renounce the lies of the enemy, including rejection. Rejection is s big spirit, but it is just a piece of dust when compared to the strength of Jesus Christ! You have greatly encouraged me, just by sharing that my writing has helped you. It’s because it’s inspired by God, and He wants us to lift up
      our brothers and sisters in Christ. I pray you abundant blessings this new year, and relief from spiritual harassment. Remember, you have already won the battle, and we are VICTORIOUS in Jesus! πŸ’™βœοΈ


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