God, Eclipse My Heart

God, Eclipse My Heart

My God, You are The Almighty!
You hold the sun in the sky,
You make the moon move on by.
The earth is in your hands,
And all of us in it!

Oh Holy God, You are The Creator,
You align the planets in space,
Everything perfectly in place.
I praise You for my life,
I’m an amazing creation!

Jehovah God, The Miracle Maker,
Only You can create an eclipse,
I praise You with my lips!
May the world rejoice in its beauty
And worship only You!

God, Father, Three in One;
May this incredible event
Cause the world to repent!
As people prepared to see the sun,
May they prepare to see Your Son!

Oh Merciful God in Heaven,
Thank you for this prophecy,
A biblical sign for the world to see.
Move us to change, God, oh Master of Art;
Give us a total eclipse of the heart!

© 2017   Angela Royse Pelleman

7 thoughts on “God, Eclipse My Heart

    • Angela Royse Pelleman says:

      Mimi, I completely agree! I have been thinking about this all day! Our God is an awesome God! How can anyone not believe in Him? Wouldn’t everyone want to ask for forgiveness after witnessing what God did today? Do people not realize God could just LEAVE the moon over the sun for as long as He so chooses? I’m so thankful we are HIS! We are protected for eternity, no matter what lies ahead! Our family just prayed for the eclipse to bring people to Jesus. May it be so! 💙

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    • Angela Royse Pelleman says:

      Thank you, April! I was so inspired by the eclipse that the words from God flowed so quickly, I could barely keep up! So many people prepared for the eclipse, even traveling hours away from home. We can pray that people will be prepared for God’s Son, the brightest star of all! 💙


  1. Marla Shaw O'Neill says:

    I love this line…”Give us a total eclipse of the heart!” That is my hearts cry…to be transformed in his image…a new creature…just like the butterfly!!! This was beautiful. God bless you as you write…Thank you Jesus for Angela! Amen.

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    • Angela Royse Pelleman says:

      Thank you, Marla! I somehow missed this beautiful message of encouragement you left for me! I love to write poetry, but it rare for me to find a poet like you, who makes me instantly love her poetry too! God bless you, Marla, in Jesus’ name! 💙


  2. Edith says:

    Hi Angela! I love how you worshipped God in this poem and shared the gospel/prayed in the last two stanzas. I learnt a new way to use the word “eclipse” through your poem. Thank you. ❤


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