Are You Still Dreaming… Or Are You Ready If Jesus Comes Today?

Last night I dreamed The Rapture came… and it happened just like that… just like the Bible says it will. In the middle of eating and drinking, I’d gotten up from the table, and suddenly screamed, “What was that?!” I felt as if a cat had scratched the bottom of my feet. As I looked down, expecting to see a black furry cat under the table, the sensation in my feet caused me to rise. But I wasn’t the only one. My precious little daughter, and my dear, sweet friend, Kim were rising too…

“Just as it was in the days of Noah, so will it be in the days of the Son of Man. They were eating and drinking and marrying and being given in marriage, until the day when Noah entered the ark, and the flood came and destroyed them all. Likewise, just as it was in the days of Lot—they were eating and drinking, buying and selling, planting and building, but on the day when Lot went out from Sodom, fire and sulfur rained from heaven and destroyed them all—so will it be on the day when the Son of Man is revealed” (Luke 17: 26-30 English Standard Version).

I’ve always had very vivid, detailed dreams. And though I often get frustrated at feeling I can’t hear from God, He often speaks to me through dreams. In this dream, my family was upset, because we had moved to a huge, beautiful new mansion; and someone had broken in and stolen, of all things… our giant Christmas tree! Also gone, was our alarm unit. It had been torn from the wall, and the thief had escaped with that also. In the dream, we just so happened to be having an open house for all the neighbors, and we were leery of a few strange characters who seemed all too suspicious and creepy. They were showing up looking like cartoon characters, and they were offering odd tokens and weird foods.

In the dream, my husband and adult sons had decided to go outside, and take a look around at the grounds, checking for signs of foul play. Meanwhile, I lamented the new house to my friend Kim, who was sitting at the table next to me. I told her we shouldn’t have moved there. Her comment in the dream both shocked and convicted me: “Well you did say you didn’t like your house…” Immediately the words from our friend Rick’s sermon came back to me: “Your life will move in the direction of your strongest thoughts!”

Rick was the wonderful guest pastor at our church last weekend. He had discussed how powerful negative self-talk could be, because it comes from the enemy. He had given us the tools to capture negative, destructive thoughts: “Identify the thoughts, take them to Jesus, find out if the thoughts are true or false!” Are your negative thought true? Are they backed by scripture? If not, change the negative talk to a biblical truth. Rick had expressed how important it was to get rid of the devil’s thoughts, which are lies; and to instead focus on the truth of God’s promises. 

My dream echoed my real-life experience, as I realized how negative I’d been when things had gone wrong in the house. In my dream, I asked God to forgive me for my bad attitude, and to help us figure out what to do in our hopeless situation. Most people can relate to how violating it feels to have something stolen. You wonder who it was, why they did it, and will they come back? It’s all the more reason to have a Savior who promises to watch over you and care for you. In real life, things had been going wrong continuously and quickly with our real-life house. A lot of things had needed fixing; including our real-life alarm system! I’d become filled with regret at the decision we’d made to move, to the point of wishing we were back in the house we now rent out; which is beautiful, but too small for our family. It felt like it took forever to accomplish any project in our new home. When I awoke this morning, I realized I’d have to repent in real life as well!

In my dream, we’d been eating, drinking, visiting with friends and (albeit strange) new neighbors, along with taking care of business, when suddenly I began to rise up into the air. Kim was rising up too! Where’s my daughter? She was there beside me! She was rising right beside me! I pulled her close to me. “It’s happening, Baby Girl! It’s really happening! We are going to be together forever. Stay with me. Don’t go looking for anything!” “Let no one on the housetop go down to take anything out of the house” (Matt. 24:17 New International Version).

We went higher and higher into the air, still in the giant house. We were safely away from anyone evil, as we hovered near the ceiling. I scanned the dark floor below for others, getting a sense that many of the new neighbors were not rising with us. In a moment of panic, I wondered where my husband and sons were; but then I was filled with immediate peace. They had gone outside, which is why I didn’t see them. They were not to come back in. “A person out in the field must not return even to get a coat” (Matt. 24:18). We’d meet the rest of our family soon. I knew their hearts, and I knew they were saved. As we hovered, I yelled out to anyone listening: “Don’t go back for anything, don’t go looking for anyone!” 

For the Bible tells us Jesus will come and get us: “At that time if anyone says to you, ‘Look, here is the Messiah!’ or, ‘There he is!’ do not believe it. For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. (Matt: 24: 23:24).

I woke up from that dream before Jesus came to get me. But the amazing thing is I knew he was coming: for me, my family, and my friend. And I knew Jesus was coming to get everyone else who had recognized their sinful nature and asked Jesus to come into their hearts. I was also ready with a clean heart. In my dream, I had humbly asked God to forgive me for being ungrateful, when my friend had pointed it out to me. I wasn’t afraid. I knew my loved ones were going where I was going… because my loved ones know Jesus. And in real life, I know I need to always repent for my ungrateful attitude… even if things are going all wrong. And in real life, I know my loved ones are going to Heaven when it’s time… just like me. 

Are you ready if Jesus comes today? Yes? Then  no matter what problem you are encountering today, the silver lining shines bright for you. Your problems will disappear when you get to Heaven. If Jesus comes before you die, he will take you there! Matthew, Chapter 24 contains a detailed account of the return of Jesus, with clear, concise directions to follow. If you don’t know Jesus, the silver lining lies in your inviting Jesus to live in your heart today, so you can begin a relationship with God’s Son! Here’s how to make that happen now: HOW TO INVITE JESUS INTO YOUR HEART AND RECEIVE ETERNAL LIFE!

Dreams can be crazy, but they are also the way we sort through problems, questions, anxieties, hopes, memories, and yes… our dreams!  Most dreams come from our own mind, evil dreams come from the devil; and prophecies and messages and joyful dreams come from God! Today I’ve shared with you a dream God gave me to share; so you can know His Son in real life, and have eternal life with Jesus in Heaven. “See, I have told you ahead of time” (Matt. 24:25).

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6 thoughts on “Are You Still Dreaming… Or Are You Ready If Jesus Comes Today?

    • Angela Royse Pelleman says:

      Matthew, I am amazed at how God talks to us about so many of the same things. You are a treasured writer and friend to me. I love everything you write, and I agree with everything you wrote, because it’s all based on God’s truth! I will read your blog post this week! Thank you for praying for my little girl, and please thank your wife. She is doing very well! 😊 Thank you for your encouragement as always! 💙

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  1. beckielindsey says:

    Wow, Angela! This post really spoke to me for many reasons. My sweet daughter-in-law just phoned in tears saying she was let go from her teaching job. My son (her husband) was let go only a few weeks ago. These two young people serve God, tithe, and my son just started seminary classes. Even though she was sad, she KNEW God was in control! They have chosen the best thing: faith in God. Jobs will come and go. The Lord will meet our needs. I’m so grateful my sweet kids know this!
    The Lord has used dreams to speak to me too. And like you, even though I may go through seasons of His silence, He has spoken in dreams. Thanks for sharing. It’s so wonderful to read how God has spoken to you. Often I feel like a nutball if I was to tell others about some of those dreams. I have done it anyway, though.

    Man, I wish I could sit down over a cup of coffee and share with you!
    You gave me much food for thought and encouragement today, dear sister.
    Blessings to you and your sweet family!

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    • Angela Royse Pelleman says:

      Beckie, I am so thankful for your friendship! I am so sorry to hear about the job situation with your son and daughter-in-law. There is a great spiritual attack of Christians all over. We have to keep praying for each other and encouraging one another. And though this is a tough time, I’m so glad your son and daughter-in-law know that God has them in the palm of His hand. He must have something much better and bigger planned for them! As I write this someone on TV even said the same thing when she lost a contest!
      I thought the same thing about sharing my dreams… “Oh Wow! Now she’s dreaming about The Rapture!” But I also decided I didn’t care what certain people think. I also decided to share anyway! I don’t even focus only on end times; I care about the here and now. I know Jesus cares about both! I’m blessed to encourage you in Christ, just as you do me. One day we WILL get together over those cups of coffee, and we will chat for hours! 😊😊
      God bless you and your family in Jesus’ name; my family will be praying for yours! 💙💙

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  2. Edith says:

    Maranatha! Come, Lord Jesus! This message just makes me wish he’d come tonight so I don’t have to deal with many things that aren’t working around here too. But it’s a call to check our lives too and repent of whatever isn’t right like you did. My love to you and your family. You are all blessed in Jesus’ name.


  3. matthewcailes says:

    I certainly believe that Jesus is coming back for us soon – how soon is hard to say, but I don’t think it will be too long. Based on all the signs around us, I do not believe I will get anyway near old age before it happens. Your dream was very interesting, it is something quite surreal to imagine, I like how God showed you rising to the ceiling in your house, but not what happens after that – leaving a bit of mystery! I did laugh about your alarm system being stolen – how ironic!!!! Of course I wouldn’t have laughed if it had been real, but as it was a dream, I hope you’ll forgive me! My family are believing to move into a big house like you described in your dream, but without any suspicious looking people being involved.

    Be blessed!


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