It’s No “Yolk!” DOUBLE Winners Chosen for The Silver Lining I Love Easter Giveaway!

Congrats to our surprise DOUBLE WINNERS for The Silver Lining I Love Easter Giveaway! It wasn’t really planned that way… but God must really, really want to bless one of The Silver Lining winners, because one of today’s winners, has won not only one, but two previous giveaways! Well, we think that’s awesome! But The Silver Lining also recognizes that lots of other readers have been hoping for a chance to win too! So, we created the silver lining of having a DOUBLE drawing! 

It made everything twice as fun, and since it’s EASTER anyway, we think it’s kinda like the surprise you get when you crack an egg into a frying pan,and get all excited, because you find two yolks inside, instead of just one! This is especially “uneggspected” when it shows up inside a hard-boiled, dyed Easter egg!

Anyway, that’s why we are congratulating one of our longest followers: Cindy R., along with one of our newest followers: Wendy E.! Both of our winners will be notified individually. Thank you to everyone who participated! 

Giveaways are a really fun way for The Silver Lining to meet new people, and spread God’s Word through stories and scripture! We will have several more coming up; one just for subscribers of The Silver Lining, and another with a chance for The Silver Lining followers to enter in a variety of ways; allowing multiple entries! Every giveaway is a little unique, so please read the entire blog post, so you don’t miss out on the requirements, or the fun! 

Happy Easter! May God bless you, in Jesus name, as you celebrate The Risen Savior today! 

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