The Silver Lining Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

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*Plus an additional surprise, practically identical,  Valentine’s Day Giveaway coming very soon only for my subscribers, because I appreciate you! Details below…

Dear Readers, and Future Readers of The Silver Lining,

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays! You don’t have to be part of a couple to celebrate, in order to show someone that he or she is loved and special!

I love to give gifts. A simple gift of chocolates, flowers, or a stuffed animal can make someone’s day! What better time to bless a child, a friend, a spouse, a friend, or a co-worker?

I want to give a special gift to “The Silver Lining” reader who needs it most. I’ve already prayed for all of my readers, and I’ve asked God to choose the reader He feels needs a special gift this Valentine’s Day.

I write “The Silver Lining” to encourage my readers and let them know they can find hope in Christ Jesus, which leads to healing and freedom. Ultimately, I pray that God will continue to give me the words to help many people find Jesus. I pray everyone will know joy and truth in knowing that Jesus Christ is our salvation, and therefore the only way to eternal life.

Jesus died for our sins. He took the punishment for all the wrong things we do, so that we could live with him in Heaven forever. Now THAT is TRUE LOVE! All we have to do is take a step of Faith and ask Jesus to forgive our sins, and live within our hearts.


1. Visit my public Facebook page, “The Silver Lining,” at

2. You will see the post: THE SILVER LINING VALENTINE’S DAY GIVEAWAY! Click  ‘like’ and also click ‘share’, and you will be entered! Please make sure to  ‘share’ to complete your entry!

If you do not have a Facebook account, there are two different  ways that you can win:

Forward this post to a friend, or friends, via email. Leave a comment for “The Silver Lining” at, under the GIVEAWAYS tab. All you need to do is mention that you told a friend about the Valentine Giveaway.

The other way to win, is to wait for  THE SILVER LINING PRACTICALLY IDENTICAL SURPRISE VALENTINE’S DAY GIVEAWAY! This giveaway will be only for subscribers. You do not need to do anything to enter. You’re already blessing me, by being a part of “The Silver Lining!”

* NOTE: If you are a Gravitar follower, or follow my blog by a means other than WordPress, I MUST have a way to contact you if you win. I need an email where I can reach you. We’ve had a couple times where we did not have this info, but thankfully I had just one clue each time, because I personally knew those two followers. I would not have been able to figure out who won, otherwise. If you win, I want to make sure to get your prize to you, or we will have to draw another name. I don’t want to do this, because my family and I always pray that God will specifically choose the winner, and I know God knows what He is doing!

If you have not already joined The Silver Lining Facebook page, I hope you will. Please feel free to invite your friends!

If you are receiving this as a forward, and would like to subscribe to receive “The Silver Lining” to your inbox once or twice a week, you can visit me at  On the home page, enter  your email address in the subscribe box.  Look for a confirmation email, and click on the link to give us permission to add you to our subscriber list.

Thank you! God bless you!

Drawing held February 14th!

(Some of the treats in our gift box are: a grown-up Christian coloring book, JOE coffee, Godiva chocolates, truffles, lipgloss, pomegranate candle, and more! Keep as a treat, or enjoy sharing with a loved one!)

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